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Certified Medical Staffing - the leading provider of Healthcare Professionals

About Certified Medical Staffing


Welcome to Certified Medical Staffing, a contractual staffing of quality healthcare professionals. At Certified Medical Staffing we value the opportunity to continually recruit and sustain the finest health care professionals to support medical institutions for supplemental placement in their present workforce. This is accomplished by the aggressive recruitment of quality healthcare workers, but most importantly by word of mouth from our current employers and clients. 

Our Clients

Certified Medical Staffing is known by our ability of provide highly qualified, credentialed and talented medical professionals for healthcare clients. We are known to respond to our clients in a timely manner, and fulfill clients placements with nurses who not only have the skills but the passion to oversee and take care of others love ones as if they were our own. 


Our Team

We offer top pay, same day pay, and the opportunity for our employees/independent contractors to set their own work schedules. Certified Medical Staffing is expanding, and as we do we will always open our doors to motivated nurses and those who seek to join the Certified Medical Staffing elite team!

We attribute our robust growth and stability to our clients and dedicated Certified Medical Staffing staff.


To provide high quality care services to individuals and their families  and to provide health care personnel staffing services and programs for Certified Home Health and Hospice Agencies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. Our services and programs are designed to provide compassionate care to enhance the lives of individuals and the communities we serve.


To be the leading service provider of home health and health care staffing services by defining industry quality standards through cost effective innovative service delivery models, staff training and education, and improving client care through the use of advanced technology


  • Promote client sensitive, culturally diverse, service delivery through enhancements in training and education of staff

  • Continue to improve client care through outcome based research

  • Identify community based service and education needs and develop programs to meet these needs

  • Pursue advancements in technology to facilitate improved client care, operations and services


  • Development and provision of culturally sensitive service delivery programs for the communities we serve

  • Offer the provision of outcome based, client specific care and service delivery solutions for our customers and contracts

  • Advancement of staff knowledge and skills through disease specific training and curriculae

  • Industry, community, client and employee advocacy

  • Fiscal responsibility and economic growth

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